Game Jam Games

Carl Gets An Interview (2018)

“Woodland animals help hapless human!” A physics-based animal-stacking puzzler made during Global Gam Jam 2018, with the theme of “Transmission”. Made in 48 hours with Unity. I was the main programmer on a team with two designers, an artist, and a sound designer.

I’ve hosted the game on (downloads available there). The project is on Github.

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Battle of the Band (2017)

Made in the Global Game Jam in 2017, to the theme of “Wave”.

(Pics coming soon)

The project is on Github.

Trapestry (2016)

Trapestry is a party game about constructing and navigating an obstacle course filled with virtual traps. The game was built for the Microsoft Hololens in a 24 hour game jam at USC sponsored by Ayzenberg.

I worked with 3 other USC Games and CS students for this project. We worked in Unity, using the Hololens Toolkit. We used the Hololens’s features for gestural input, spatial mapping, and spatial audio.

Taproot (2015)

Taproot is a local multiplayer game created for Ludum Dare 34. The idea sprouted from the theme of “Growing”. You control the growing root system of a tree, and you are fighting to suck up water from aquifers while avoiding magma. The catch is that in order to change the direction of your root, you must create a new branch; the old branch continues growing in the original direction. In this way, your root system quickly spreads across the map, but each change in direction could mean you are potentially blocking yourself off or even accidentally setting fire to your roots. When your roots catch on fire from colliding with magma pockets, you must decide when to cut off the root — as long as it stays attached, you will continue sucking up resources, but the fire will spread towards the base of your tree.

The team was comprised of myself and another programmer, and a designer who worked on creating assets for the map. The game was created in Unity over 72 hours. I hope to return to this concept at some point and clean it up.

Taproot Screenshot
I’ve hosted the game on (downloads available there). The project is on Github.

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H2GO (2015)

This was done in a 24-hour game jam. Besides programming, I also coached the 2 freshmen programmers on our team. All the art was done by a single person, the talented Katie Yu. Two other team members did level design. The game was made in Unity using C#.

The theme of the game jam was “Phases”, so we brainstormed this gameplay of moving between solid, liquid, and gaseous phases. The idea is that solid form allows you to move laterally quickly, but is fragile (impacts can shatter it). Liquid lets you squeeze down small spaces or soften impacts. Gaseous form lets you ascend.

I’m actually pretty proud of the algorithms that went into this, given the short time. The fluid forms are clouds of particles with n-body spring-like attraction, while the fluid separation is done by performing a k-clustering test. Then, the visual shape of the fluid is created by running a convex hull algorithm on the group of particles, generating a visual mesh based on the result. It was the first time I had implemented any of those algorithms.

Solid. Liquid. Gas. Liquid.

I’ve hosted the game on (downloads available there). The project is on Github.

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Watership Leaf (2014)

This was the product of my first-ever game jam. It was made with a team of four others: two very talented artists, a sound engineer, and myself. I did almost all the programming (minus some sound-related code). This was done in Unity using C#.

The game is actually supposed to be played cooperatively, with one person manning the WASD controls to steer your leaf boat, and the other player controlling the mouse. The mouse player can drag falling branches out of the way, and drag falling leaves to the ship to repair it. As your leaf boat receives damage from rocks, reeds, and branches, you can see its state degrade onscreen. At the end… well, I won’t spoil it. There is a waterfall involved.

The title screen. A screenshot of the gameplay.
I’ve hosted the game on (downloads available there).
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Freefall (2016)

Freefall is a competitive mobile multiplayer game where players race each other by using grappling hooks. It was built in 24 hours for Amazon’s internal Intern Hackathon. It won first place prize.

I worked with 4 other interns. Because I was the most familiar with Unity, I handled integration with Unity’s Cloud Multiplayer service, which enabled us to easily allow players to play with each other over cell networks.


Lord of the Stoopids (2015)

I worked on this for the 2015 Global Game Jam. Our team had 2 programmers (including myself), 2 designers, 3 artists, and a music/sound guy. It was a lot of fun, and I feel that we scoped our idea pretty well. It was more feasible, although also less intriguing, than some of our other ideas. I did the majority of the programming. This was done in Unity using C#.

While the game looks like a point-and-click adventure game, it is more of a combining/crafting game with an element of exploration. The premise is that you have crashed on a tropical island with a crowd of Stoopids, and you have to work to keep them alive until rescue arrives. Occasionally the Stoopids will come to you asking for assistance, such as “we’re bored, what do we do?” The game is predicated on having unique and funny flavor text for every combination of item and solutions to the various problems. This humor turns out to be the main appeal of the game.

The title screen. A screenshot of the gameplay.
Download: [Windows] [Linux] [Mac OS X]

Objection Simulator (2014)

This project was the result of another game jam. The interesting part about this one was that we had all of 3 hours to make the game. That’s right, a 3 hour game jam. It was called Glorious Trainwrecks. Fun! I did almost all of the programming. This was done in Unity using C#.

The game is a music rhythm game without a rhythm. When you hit notes correctly, your avatar screams lawyerly encouragements at an unlucky jumper. If you start to miss notes, those encouragements turn deadly.

The title screen. A screenshot of the gameplay.
Download: [Windows] [Mac OS X] [Linux]