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Interested in looking at my non-game work? Here is my high-school senior year research project, and here is a website I created in a hackathon in high-school.
Many of my games can be found on my itch.io page. Don’t miss my game jam games.

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From Light


From Light is a 2D puzzle platformer with mechanics based on photography, especially long-exposure photography. The game was in the PAX 10 at PAX 2015. We are currently working on it as a team of 15 students and one USC graduate. We aim to develop it for commercial release, with target platforms of PC and Wii U.

Logo for the game.  PAX 10 Logo  Photo of us at the booth.

Sky Command (2016)

Sky Command was a class project at USC. I partnered with Kat Gray, and together we made an asymmetric cooperative/competitive multiplayer game about airship battles. In its current iteration, each airship is controlled by a team of two. One player controls the gun turrets while the other flies the ship and manages its health. The catch is that the navigator has to use an overhead map and can’t look around in first person. The gunner, on the other hand, has great spatial awareness through first-person visuals, but that’s all they have.

Galactic Steel (2015)

This was a final project for a class at USC. I worked with another programmer over the course of 4 weeks to produce what you see here. We went through a lot of iterations on gameplay and aesthetic, searching for something that felt really solid to play. The art and sound is almost entirely from the Internet, mostly places like DeviantArt and OpenGameArt.org. The game was made in Unity using C#, and FMOD for sound.

Galactic Steel is a space-themed 2D “hack and slash”. The player commands a battle-mech, wielding a large sword as their primary weapon. Gameplay is centered around chaining together attacks smoothly and accurately in order to build up damage bonuses. You are also given a rocket-powered dash maneuver, a reflective energy shield, and a blinding stun attack that helps you evade and outmaneuver opponents which are much more agile than you.

A screenshot of the gameplay. A screenshot of the gameplay.

I’ve hosted the game on itch.io (downloads available there).
fake embed

I also have a number of games from game jams, which vary highly in quality: Game Jam Games

A screenshot of H2GO. A screenshot of Watership Leaf. A screenshot of Lord of the Stoopids. A screenshot of Taproot.

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