Into the Unknown: UDK Part 2

Well, it’s been a while since Part 1. The delay was a combination of final exams and my re-discovery of Unity (the game engine, not the Ubuntu UI – or the Linux distribution for that matter). But I’ve done a little bit of tutorialing, and so far I’ve learned to set up a new gametype, and have been practicing BSP creation. Unfortunately, I’m using my second monitor for the computer I built, so using the Content Browser or reading a tutorial while working is very annoying.

Honestly, the BSP system is slightly vexing. I don’t understand why I have to use the template shape to add and subtract geometry. It would be much easier to create brushes like in the Source SDK, and then apply the boolean modifiers to them. Shapes without modifiers would just be ignored. The visual scaling in the Source SDK is much easier than entering values in the UDK. Another very minor detail is the fact that you can’t use negative wall widths in the UDK. In the Source SDK, negative values indicate an outward expansion, leaving the original volume an empty space. In the UDK, however, it just places the subtraction volume outside of the addition volume, or some other strange behavior, which results in a very strange visual result.

That’s all I have for now. The next step I imagine would be learning to create materials. I have already done this in my previous explorations, but I need to figure out the editor in more depth. I’ll be in California for the next 10 weeks, but I’ll be able to work on my laptop.


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