Tekkit Sucks

There is a set of Minecraft mod packs that includes Tekkit and Technic. You may have seen these showcased in a number of venues, including a popular Yogscast series. Let me just get this straight. Tekkit is stupid. It was obviously designed by someone who looked at Minecraft and said, “I’m going to make this the best game ever.” Unfortunately, they merely succeeded in creating a hodge-podge of mods which take away from the core of Minecraft.

The gluttony of blocks in Tekkit.

The gluttony of blocks in Tekkit.

But what is the core of Minecraft, really? Ultimately, Minecraft is what you make it. I say that unironically, even though I’m about to tell you how it should be. Minecraft has always been a great source of surprise. Legions of Youtube videos outline hundreds of crazy contraptions and structures that use the basic mechanics of the Minecraft universe to form impressive and surprising constructions.

Nearly every feature in Minecraft has a way of being exploited to perform tasks that the creators never even fathomed. Beyond the basic mechanics such as crafting and smelting, the use of a feature is mostly left up to the user. Fluids, redstone, minecarts, TNT, signs- must I go on? But really that was the appeal to begin with. You can create completely new contraptions within a very simple set of game rules.

This is why I think many of the features Notch added in later updates- wolves, potions, dragons, the End- run contrary to the spirit of the game. It’s OK to add elements to expand the exploratory, adventuring parts of the game. But when that threatens to push the creative, inventive part of the game into the shadows, I think the developers need to re-evaluate their priorities. Minecraft was never prized for its combat, or adventure. It became popular because the game allowed players to invent their own set of rules and develop the world how they liked. When the developer takes the reigns and decides the end-goal FOR the player, something has gone awry.

For the same reasons, I absolutely despise Tekkit. I can see the good intentions behind it, but it completely fails at its mission. A group of people, perhaps, with no sense for the game, were intrigued by how much could be done in Minecraft. But they thirsted for more. So they set out and gathered mods which let them do what they wanted. Pipes let them transport items, tanks let them store fluid, pumps let them suck it up, engines and solar panels gave them electricity, quarries let them automate mining, and energy condensers let them get any material they needed. To make it more “balanced”, they added a larger set of materials needed to build these contraptions, including rubber, and tons of new ores. Furthermore, a control system was needed, so they put a programmable computer in. A computer that ran Lisp scripts. And you loaded the scripts from outside Minecraft. They needed more power, so they added uranium and a nuclear reactor.

Suddenly, it wasn’t Minecraft anymore. It was a horrifying maze of features that was no longer surprising. Sure, people could build fascinating things that were intricate and took enormous amounts of time. But it wasn’t really surprising anymore. A nerd with a computer and a huge set of physical actuators can obviously accomplish a lot, whether the computer is in a videogame or not. The appeal of Minecraft was that nobody thought building a ALU was really possible when it started out. Half the crazy contraptions were for accumulating resources: automated farms ranging from chickens to monsters to reeds to cobblestone to snow. With the energy condenser, nobody needed ice pipelines or chicken friers. Sure, you could still build them. But there was no point. Oh, you built an automated oil refinery? All it takes is pipes, pumps, and refineries. The blocks are all there. That’s the only thing a refinery is used for.

Blocks only have one purpose, even if that is a broad purpose. Engines power pipes and quarries and pumps. Fuel goes into combustion engines. Refineries make fuel. Pumps suck up liquid. Quarries dig. Seriously, you make a single block, which then automatically digs. You can also add a pump to it if you want it to suck up water and lava. But there is no design for you to modify. You can’t make it more efficient, or irregular, or spray water on lava. You can’t build a giant engine room which is twice as efficient due to interlocking designs. You can’t build a computer, since there is already one built. Want to spray some construction foam over everything to make it blast-resistant? Boom, done. Need a nuclear reactor? There’s a block for that. Want to make it bigger? Sorry, you can add on extra chambers, but only up to six. It outputs a high-voltage. You need to make a very specific set of blocks, each of which steps the voltage down one level.

Again, this violates the very essence of Minecraft. That’s why I developed a plan for a comprehensive mod that allows most of the same functionality of Tekkit, but goes much, much further. I will cover this mod in a future post, or probably multiple posts.


16 Responses to Tekkit Sucks

  1. Tekkithater says:

    tekkit is gay cuz its not legit

  2. coal says:

    That’s why I like redPower, let’s say the regulator–you can literally use it in 100 different ways.
    Also, don’t talk about this outdated illegal modpack, soon there will be no more players playing that.

  3. TekkitRocks says:

    Tekkit is the best thing ever. it is a hundred times better than minecraft

    • Shadowraix says:

      Then I would love to hear your reasoning. I personally hate tekkit because it takes away the main intentions of Minecraft with using a limited set of tools to be creative and effectively. Tekkit just makes blocks for your every need with little to no effort.

    • Alex says:

      No no no no no no no no no no. No! Dont ever say that did you even read the article? Seriously did you. And where is the fun in playing tekkit anyway it just adds tons of confusing blocks and they do everything that you do in vanilla minecraft yourself. Just sit back and watch the game play itself. Fun aint it? And the reward for mastering all this garbage? You get a suit of quantum energy armor that makes you invincible and a nano saber that can easily kill anything, or depending on which path you took you can make red matter armor a katar and morning star also making you invincible and the katar hit any non boss enemy once and its dead makes the game extremely boring and takes all the good aspects of minecraft away and on multiplayer you can make everyone wish they never downloaded this pack by brushing your katar against their leg and injecting some kind of virus that makes their body dissapear and all of their stuff fly everywhere oh and you can also make a flying ring that enables flight and a ring that shoots fire out of it or you could make a ring that has all the effects of all of the rings in to one! How much easier could this get?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hate tekkit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Little to no effort pfft what the fuck is creative mode then if you want effort play survival and what the fuck just wtf do you have against tekkit if it expands the creative features of minecraft! If you play tekkit you feel like never going back to the simplistic shitty version of the same thing my point is that the reason minecraft is there is because you mold it any way you like not some idiot looking for simple things to do minecraft vanilla is BORING face it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Minecraft is what you make it different people play it differently and have different opinions on what the core of the game is. I assume you probably started playing back in beta or whatnot before the adventure update and were drawn in to Minecraft by the do whatever you want with your world idea. That idea still remains but has been expanded on for a larger group of people to enjoy it. I’m not that great at building and have a slight lack of creativity so building things to do stuff for me is simple and more fun in my eyes. Of course I would NEVER want tekkit stuff implemented into minecraft and am not going to talk down Minecraft because it is amazing. Although I don;t think it’s fair for you to bash tekkit simply becasue that dosen’t fit your play style (It’s not vanilla minecraft how is it harming you?)

  7. Anonymous says:

    What the hell do you have against Tekkit? It just adds on to the creativeness. Without these mods and mod packs, there would barely be any people interested in Minecraft. You probably have not even played it legitimately on survival mode or on a server.

    • headhunter09 says:

      I have nothing against mods. I ran a survival server for over a year, and have dabbled in many SP mods. In fact, I expanded my server considerably using plugins (including custom-made ones). However, I put a lot of thought into how I wanted my plugins built and configured. I think it’s true that expanded functionality means more publicity, and thus more players.

      My beef with Tekkit is that it goes about “expanding functionality” with about as much finesse as a T-rex carrying an ICBM on its back. As I say in the post, Tekkit was created by someone who wanted to do more in Minecraft, but didn’t understand why they liked Minecraft or why they wanted to build mechanisms in it in the first place.

    • Alex says:

      If you read the article you would know, idiot. And thats where your wrong on the nobody would be interested in minecraft thing. Milllions and millions of people bought the game before that pack came out of the nerds ass. And I am sure a majority of those people either dont play or dont know what tekkit is. And if he did not play on a tekkit survival server, then god bless his soul. He does not need to try to avoid the spawn camping guys with insta kill katars and invincible quantum armor. You know how much fun that is right. Idiot.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Totally disagree and since it is not part of vanilla minecraft I don’t really see the point of writing this. The problem with the “Core of minecraft” (whatever that is anyway) for me is that while great, it gets boring and the amount of grind and thinking it takes to make anything halfway interesting is just to much. Tekkit allows me to do a hell of a lot more than minecraft and in half the time. Minecraft is old, tekkit is a mod, get over it.

    • Alex says:

      And once you get quantum armor tekkit instantly becomes boring and you will swich right back to vanilla minecraft.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vanilla minecraft is fucking boring. The main point of minecraft is BUILDING. ALL THAT TEKKIT DOES IS MAKE YOU BUILD WITH MORE EASE AND WITH HIGHER DETAIL.
    It’s a mod that lets you build easyer without having to worry about dying, and making fun contraptions that do the work for you. You can cry about it making the game “easyer” but then you’re just crying about building tools that make the building aspect easyer. Oh and mining gets fucking boring after 10 minutes, so if a mod gets rid of that its a good mod.

  10. kixty9 says:

    The idea behing the Tekkit isn’t to improve the vanilla experience of Minecraft, but instead create a new game. If you see this way, they are not doing anything wrong.

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