No, I haven’t died, and I haven’t forgot about this blog. But it suffered from a synergy of things. The lack of posts was kicked off by a week long vacation. And the start of school has brought less thinking time, more work, and a berth of people upon which I can unload my thoughts and get instant feedback. This blog was, originally, a place where the ideas that kept circulating in my thoughts could find an outlet of expression. But with many of those original ideas explored, and not many new ideas coming about, I am usually at a loss of topics. Another harmful factor was that I had become more and more concerned about whether my post was coherent, engaging, and adhering to the guidelines of good grammar and writing. Unfortunately, this was never supposed to be a place to put refined written pieces, it was supposed to be a repository of 30 minute heat-of-the-moment explorations into one line of thought. Granted, I did hope it would help me improve my off-the-cuff writing style, but editing was still supposed to be minimal. Lastly, I became rather obsessive over readership. This should have set immediate alarm bells off in my head. I started out with a vow to never try to gain a readership. This was going to be purely about me. Now, I’m going to try to return to that mindset. I do not apologize in advance for any incomprehensible posts that appear to have come from the middle of a train of thought.


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