Writing Sprints

Sometimes I like to write tiny excerpts in small amounts of time. I don’t try to link them to any other piece of writing. These stand-alone prose pieces can be any size from a couple sentences to a few pages. The only requirement is that you write them in one sitting and that you just let it flow. The point of the exercise is to skim off the thoughts bouncing around on the top of your brain. Here are examples of some of mine:

A provolone melt on white bread with tomatoes and slow-roasted ham. Buffalo burgers with avocado slices on a toasted bun with a side of mashed potatoes.

“The Creators were vast spirits. They spread their harmonizing energies across the lands. But the lands didn’t want harmony. So the lands refused. In the end, the Creators left behind little as they slipped slowly into the ether. Their only legacy… was us.

We are the timeless. We are the created. We are the protectors.

We are the god-spawn of the land, able to do what the Creators could not. We shall bring order to the land. We are the final homage to the lands, to the Creators. The marks we leave shall be forever.”

The Created carried a legacy of glass. The great hellpits, formed when the Creators departed to the Ether, filled with lava, were the home of the Created glass forges.

“So we’re supposed to restore order to a whole star system?”
“Only one of the worlds is settled. The others are in preliminary terraforming stages.”
“So whats the situation on the capital world?”
“Capital world is an over-statement. The government that bought up the system has control over only a quart of the land mass, although most of the rest is uninhabitable.”
“Yikes. What do we have? Rebels?”
“Probably. there have been a running of terrorist attacks. Could be connected, but general unrest is high. The government is colonial, wit ha ruling singularity. Population mostly works int he mining industries.”
“Incomplete tectonic formation. Rich oceans and air.”
“The terrorists could be trying to dominate the market.”
“Unlikely. Its probably political.”
“We’ll go investigate tomorrow.”


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