Status Report

At the beginning of this month I declared that I would post once a day to this blog. Admittedly, I’m pretty proud. I posted 22 days out of the 29; I started out strong, and only began to falter right at the end. I’ve stuck around long enough to get a few views, but most importantly I’ve developed a habit of trying to post something every day. Speaking of which, I was going to post this yesterday but I accidentally fell asleep early.

For March, I’m going to do two things: start a private log, and start posting more videos. In terms of videos, I think I will start a series of tutorials covering the basics of Hammer and the Source SDK. I’ve already started recording some, but mostly just to get the kinks out of my production cycle. I have 2 scripts done, and a third in the working. So all I need to do is refine my style. Mainly, I need to stick to the script and be more concise. A tutorial is about informing people. I can’t focus on making something look nice, I just need to explain the very basics and then move on. I tried to think about the tutorials I watch, and what annoys me when I’m watching a tutorial. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at analyzing things like that. Looks like I’ll have to rely on Youtube comments.

I’m going to continue posting, but only when I have something interesting to say. I will post at least once a week, however.


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