Pyrotechnics and the Apocalpyse

Bam. Power cuts out and I hear thunder. Except there aren’t any thunderstorms nearby. I rush outside just in time to hear more crackling and an orange haze on the horizon. The next neighborhood goes dark. Sounds like a transformer station randomly burst into flames. My speculations are confirmed by long lasting sirens. So, due to shortages of electricity, I am posting from my phone. I dont want to write anything extensive, so I’ll just cover some essential points.

First of all, I just learned that Valve will be releasing a Meet the Pyro sometime in 2012. Hooray! Although I do like certain fan-made versions, especially this one.

Secondly, I want to share a pretty cool comic series with you. Its called Romantically Apocalyptic (start from the beginning). I like the style of the apocalypse, and I’m rather inspired.

To make up for the past two days of dud posts, I’ve been coming up with a list of interesting topics to write about. On a good day, I might write up two, so that I’ll have a reserve of good posts to fall back on. Kind of like doing a comic strip for a newspaper.


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