New February Resolutions

Yay, new blog. Since I am basically unknown on the Internet (and in real life), nobody is going to read this post. Except for potential future fans. Hi, people from the future!

Essentially, blogging has always seemed appealing to me; it’s like a diary that’s not useless. Most people have idle ideas stirring around in their head all day, and a diary/blog is a good place to release them. However, if you’re ideas are particularly good, people will want to read them. You can also get anonymous feedback from people with a selfish but unbiased viewpoint.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have very much to talk about. My previous attempts fell in with the other hundreds (or however many) of abandoned blogs. After a couple of (sometimes interesting) posts, I would not write one day for some reason or another, and it was all downhill from there.

So my resolution for this February is to write one post every day. At the end of the month, I will hopefully have established a habit. Also, February is the best month to pick, since it only has 28 days. Damn. It’s 29 this year. Oh well, post #29 can be a bogus post.


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